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The UK Graduate visa is also known as Post Study Work visa. This visa is granted to those students who have completed their graduation or higher in UK and then are planning to stay in UK for work purpose. We are UK visa agent and we will provide our services in all types of UK visas. And our experienced team will solve all your queries.

Only those people are eligible to apply for a graduate visa that are currently staying in UK, holding a valid study visa and their graduation or post graduation or any other eligible course is completed.

On this visa a person can stay for a maximum of 2 years time and after completing 2 years they have to convert their Graduate visa into any other visa type for example UK Skilled Worker visa.

Another thing here is that if you have completed a PhD then you will get Graduate visa for 3 years time. Also you should understand that Graduate visa is not a route to ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain in UK).
One more important thing is that if you have completed your study outside of UK then you are not eligible for Graduate visa.

As soon as your college or university will inform the Home Office that you have completed your course and passed it successfully, you can apply for a Graduate visa.