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We are OISC registered immigration advisor based in Harrow Wealdstone offer visa extension services in the UK. You should understand one thing that each visa has certain eligibility criteria and there is certain validity period that has to be followed, otherwise there are some major complications that you need to come across. The breaching implications may affect your career in the UK and ultimately may lead to risk of removal from the country.

There are certain immigration control measures that ensure that you should leave the country before your visa expires. In some case, it is mandatory to extend your visa in order to comply with the legal terms that are mentioned in your visa. A valid visa is something that is existing for a valid period of time, and after it is expired you will have to extend it in order to get the same facilities that are attached with visa type.

We will help you in extending your current visa to other type of visa after understating your situation in detail. After getting your condition, only we can give our expert guidance so that everything will be sorted out for you. Please try to understand that this area is a very complicated issue as it is dealing with each case individually and responding them to a very accurate decision as per your circumstances.

If you are planning to extend any type of visa then feel free to contact us to our UK based office, and we are very happy to resolve any of your queries. If you are planning to extend your visa then there are certain Home Office application processing fees that you need to pay. And if you are extending your visa for a period of more than 6 months time then you have to pay Immigration Health Surcharge fees also.

One more thing here to think about is that these fees that you are paying to Home Office are non-refundable fees and therefore you have to make sure that you are prepared well in advance to pay for the right kind of visa. Otherwise, you will lose your fees in turn.
So we highly recommend you that you come to our visa service agency that is based in UK and take any service that suits your requirements.