While you may not be the first employee in the operation to greet customers, you are a reflection of them in terms of your attitude when they do get to you. Customer service skills are equally as important as your ability to solve for the customer in this role. In this post, we’ll list some basic skills every rep should have and share the best help desk certifications available for your customer service team in 2022. To perform these technical tasks, help desk technicians often must employ non-technical skills like communication, customer service, problem solving and more. In contrast, someone who is technically proficient but without experience in customer service should focus on building their communication skills. You can work on both simultaneously with a foundational online course like Google’s Technical Support Fundamentals.

  • There­ are several strate­gies that can greatly enhance­ the customer expe­rience with Tier 2 support.
  • Beyond that technical proficiency, they must also have excellent interpersonal skills to interact with customers.
  • The support provided can be adapted to the needs of each individual business.
  • Access to the highest technical resources available for problem resolution or new feature creation.
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  • Interestingly enough, desk support technicians earn the most pay in the technology industry with an average salary of $50,316.

A desktop support technician must have excellent communication and technical skills to monitor systems performance and enhance network navigation. Even though help desk engineers and desktop support specialists are distinct careers, a few of the skills required for both jobs are similar. For example, both careers require troubleshoot, help-desk support, and technical support in the day-to-day roles and responsibilities. Google offers a Google IT Support course teaching customer support fundamentals to participants who may not have a background in IT or customer service.

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To boost your skill level and confidence, take one or two soft skills courses per year, as well as any technical courses relevant to your job role. You may already have some qualifications to become a help desk technician today. For example, if you’ve worked in customer service before then you have a solid foundation, but you may need to build your technical skill set. The most common way to advance in this career is to move up the ladder within your current organization.

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As we me­ntioned earlier, Tie­r 2 support offers more specialize­d technical assistance and can handle complicate­d issues that Tier 1 support cannot resolve­. The technicians in Tier 2 have­ the required e­xpertise and expe­rience to accurately diagnose­ problems and provide effe­ctive solutions that demand a higher le­vel of knowledge. In the world of Information Technology, there are many help desk certifications that can be obtained. Many technology companies offer help desk certifications for their systems and applications. These help desk certifications focus on server administration, programming, security, ITIL, networking, customer service, and many other areas.

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As customers become more demanding, businesses are beginning to focus on providing a better customer experience. This means that service desk engineers will need to focus on providing excellent customer service and resolving issues quickly and efficiently. Technical support service desk engineers may also receive on-the-job training to learn the specific systems and processes of their company. This training may include learning the company’s ticketing system, troubleshooting software and other processes.

This motivates reps to complete the course because they see the tangible value of obtaining the certification. Fortunately, there’s training that can teach your team how to use a help desk to optimize their workflow. These courses, paid or free, can consist of help desk engineer various exercises that help reps become familiar with fundamental help desk features and common customer interactions. When a course is complete, reps receive credible certifications showcasing their mastery of help desk software to better serve your business.